Cooling lubricant care devices / Oil skimmers

Care is the be-all and end-all

Even after perfect filtration, there may be a need for further “care” of the coolant so that it achieves an even longer service life.


The task of coolant care devices to remove foreign oils and ultra-fine impurities from the clean tank. These systems prevent floating foreign oils obstructing the “breathing” of cooling lubricant. This ensures a longer service life of the emulsion. Without cooling lubricant care devices, bacteria formation would increasing causing the cooling lubricant to “go bad”.


Advantages of cooling lubricant care devices

  • Small space required
  • Removal of fine particles (GG/aluminium flitter)
  • Removal of foreign oils
  • Simple installation
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Mobile application
  • Agglomeration of very ultra-fine particles

Areas of application of cooling lubricant care devices

  • Scrubbing processes (foreign oil)
  • Ultra-fine grinding processes
  • Machining of grey cast iron or aluminium

Advantages of oil skimmers / surface skimmers

  • Low investment costs
  • Easy to clean and practically maintenance-free
  • Easy to retrofit (e.g. with magnetic base)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Longer service life of the medium
  • Removes harmful foreign oils

Belt skimmer BSK

POLO belt skimmers, series BSK, are used to remove non-emulsified, floating oil from liquids, such as water or cooling lubricant emulsions. High level fluctuations in the tank can be achieved.


Disc skimmer SSK

In contrast to the belt skimmer, the discharging element here is a disc. This construction is cheaper, but limited in immersion depth. The physical principle is identical to that of the band skimmer.


Coalescence separator

POLO coalescence separator removes emulsified foreign oils before they can appear on the surface. Foreign oils that are already floating are also removed, of course. The purest foreign oil without emulsion content is extracted.


Micro-flotation separator

The micro-flotation separator removes non-filterable ultra-fine particles from the medium by means of finely dispersed air bubbles.
A positive side effect is theaeration of the medium.
The separator is absolutely free of consumables.


Ultra-fine agglomeration FAG

Ultra-fine particles can be enlarged by up to a factor of 10 by POLO FAG, and thus can be removed with the aid of a filter stage. The accumulation and binding behaviour of particles, foreign oils is changed by the device and is harmful to bacteria.