Chip conveyor

Drag link conveyor KBF

The POLO KBF drag link conveyor makes the difference. It has been designed in such a way that no chip nests can settle in the transport system. This minimises the cleaning work and increases not only productivity but also safety. The KBF can be integrated on machine tools as a stand-alone conveyor or as a pre-cleaning stage of an interlinked filter process.

Their advantages

  • Robust chain
  • For short and medium length chips
  • For broken chips and grinding sludge

Short info

  • Flat side walls prevent the formation of chip nests
  • Minimum liquid discharge at the discharge point
  • Extremely robust, wear-free chain

Clears completely

Reliably discharges chips continuously. The specifically selected chain ensures reliable production.



Scraper angles are located in the sturdy welded construction, which automatically convey the chips out of the conveyor by means of the discharge slope. An overflow box with a pump has been integrated.


Scraper angles glide over the container floor and capture the chips over the entire width of the trough. The sedimented chips are removed completely. Due to the flat side walls, the formation of chip nests is impossible. Slits in the scraper angles
ensure that liquid discharge at the discharge is minimal. The brackets are connected by two robust endless chains with a low-friction deflection unit.
A three-phase geared motor is used for the drive. The tensioning station of the conveyor chain is located on the discharge head and is thus easily accessible when installed. Robust pocket wheels ensure low-wear transport of the conveyor chain.
The overflow box houses the pump which is protected against dry running by a float switch.


Made in Germany

Process safety

No consumables

Low maintenance

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Data sheet

Standard sizesKBF
Width of conveyor trough 300 - 600 mm
Overall length 2000 - 6000 mm*
Trough height min. 210
Total height 800 - 2500 mm*
Drive power0,12 kW

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

*Special sizes on request.

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