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Inclined bed filter SBT with integrated tank and inlet chamber

The ideal filter as a “compact filter system” for standalone machines. The POLO inclined bed filter SBT is a fully automatic compact filter used for cleaning many different liquids. Despite the compact design, necessary maintenance work can be carried out in a service-friendly manner. The standard version is made of steels, but can also be supplied in stainless steel.

Their advantages

  • Encapsulated design
  • “Complete” SB filter
  • Easy maintenance

Short info

  • Encapsulated design, nevertheless good accessibility of the operating elements
  • Integrated tank, inlet chamber and feed and/or discharge pumps
  • Suitable for extremely thin fleeces

Wide range of fleece

thus optimised adaptation to the operating conditions.

Less fleece required

The POLO inclined bed filter SBT operates with an endless transport chain that carries the filter fleece in a way that is gentle on the material. An extremely deep filter trough is formed, resulting in a high liquid level. This decisively limits the consumption of fleece. The filtering process is safe and efficient.


It consists of a steel or stainless steel welded filter with an integrated clean tank. The endless transport chain carrying the filter fleece is the central unit. This results in an extremely deep filter trough. Advance is ensured by means of a float switch-controlled gear motor. The clean tank offers the possibility of housing up to 2 supply pumps. The filter is filled from an integrated inlet chamber. The control functions are provided by a control box, optionally equipped with a logo module and collective fault.


The SBT filter is a further development of the proven SB filter series. The centerpiece of the SBT series is the Polo SB-A0.4 filter. The SB filter is integrated into a compact unit and thus forms a unit with the tank.

  • Optimal use of the filter fleece at high flow rates.
  • No interruption of the filtering process during fleece feeding. No additional buffer tank required.
  • Very effective hose seal separates the clean side from the dirty side.
  • Fleece shortage switch signals when the fleece roll is running low.
  • The tank and pumps are accessible through secured lids or doors. With the doors closed, the pumps are soundproofed and protected.
  • A cleaning opening enables work on the tank.
  • Taps and pressure gauge do not protrude above the tank, so there is no interference with handling.
  • The number of pumps depends on the customer’s needs. Up to two operating pumps can be installed.
  • The control is effected by a control box, located on the main operating side of the unit.
  • A pump conveys the contaminated medium to the filter from an integrated inlet chamber. A level compensation is ensured by a frog flap at the bottom of the tank, which thus enables multiple filtration.
    The feed of the cooling lubricant is adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.
  • A magnetic pre-filter (MAF) can be offered as an option.


Precise sealing

Lightweight fleece usable

Made in Germany

Process safety

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Data sheet

Standard sizesSB-A0.4
Mounting dimesion L x W1490 x 1090
Height 1460
Weight approx. (kg) 560
Volume approx. (litres) Filter = 100 / Tank = 760
Flow rate max. (l/min) emulsions*220
Flow rate max. (l/min) oils* 110
Connceted load (kW) 0,09
Supply voltage 3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz

*Definition of flow rate: Emulsions and aqueous media approx. 1 mm²/sec at 20 °C and oils up to 15 mm²/sec at 20 °C.
The maximum flow rate of the filter is indicated; depending on the machining process and the degree of contamination, the flow rate may be lower.

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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