Surface skimmer

Surface skimmer OFA

The POLO surface skimmer collects floating particles such as foam, tramp oils, graphite and ultra-fine impurities in emulsion or wash tanks and feeds them to a discharging system such as a filter. A concentration of fine particles on the medium surface in the clean tank is prevented as far as possible.

Their advantages

  • Removes floating oils and particles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy retrofit

Short info

  • Almost maintenance free
  • Low energy consumption
  • Bypass filtration

Easy to combine

The surface extractors have proved very successful with graphite foam, for example, but always require a downstream discharging filter system. OFA’s are often used for maintenance in central systems. Bypass operation during machine downtimes prevents the emulsion from tipping over in the clean tank.


Basically, the POLO surface skimmer consists of:

  • the skimmer, which can adjust itself to the liquid’s oscillating surface level.
  • the pump, complete with throttle valve, for flow regulation.
  • the construction platform, on which the parts are mounted to form a unit that is ready for connection.


The floating particles will be driven by means of a surface current to the surface skimmer, where they discharge over the skimmer together with part of the liquid. The pump feeds them into the entraining unit (e.g. a filter). The built-in filter cake will be used as a flushing device, in order to retain the fine particles.


Compact design

Made in Germany

Process safety

Low maintenance

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Data sheet

Standard sizesF04F05F06F07F08F09F10F12F14F16F18F20
Tanks‘s minimum depth450520600700800900100012001400160018002000
Submerged depth200270350440550550440046004800500052005400
max. lift601302103004104107159151115131515151715
Weight approx. (kg) 182022242626484848484848

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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