Vacuum filter / Suction belt filter

Vacuum filter, also known as a suction belt filter

The vacuum filter, also known as a suction belt filter, creates a negative pressure that draws the liquid to be filtered through the filter cake. By means of negative pressure, the specific area throughput is significantly increased compared to a gravity filter. The air that is drawn through the built-up filter cake enables a residual moisture of the filter cake down to below 20 per cent. This effect is enhanced by the exhaust air from the exhauster, which is directed onto the filter cake from above.


Advantages of vacuum filters / suction belt filter

  • Small space required, relative to the high throughput rates
  • Dry-proof cake discharge
  • Perfect utilisation of the filter aid
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Low fleece usage

Vacuum filter SBV
(fleece filter)

The small series of POLO vacuum filters. Can be used up to a maximum of 900 l/min emulsion. A high flow rate is reliably achieved in a small area due to the vacuum. High throughput and excellent filtration.


Vacuum filter SBEV (endless belt)

The small series of POLO vacuum filters in endless belt design. Can be used up to a maximum of 850 l/min emulsion. The filtration is achieved by means of a plastic belt. Fewer consumables avoid disposal costs.


Suction belt filter SAFI-T (fleece filter)

The POLO drum filter in the vacuum version. Space-saving and highly effective. Can be used up to a maximum of 1300 l/min deep drilling oil. The specialist for high-viscosity oils (rollers, presses).


Suction belt filter SAFI-E (fleece filter)

The “bestseller” of the POLO vacuum filters. With a fleece width of 1 metre only, it is space-saving and is used in metalworking, especially for emulsion and oil applications. Can be used as a fleece filter in a variety of ways with different finenesses.


Suction belt filter SAFI-E (endless belt)

This vacuum filter from POLO operates without fleece. With an endless belt width of 1 metre only, it is space-saving. Fineness of the endless belt of up to 40 µm is available. The main area of application is in metal-cutting manufacturing.


Suction belt filter SAFI-C (fleece filter)

The expert for the largest throughput volumes. Loads up to a maximum of 9,000 l/min emulsion are possible without any problems. Reliable, durable and efficient, it fulfils its tasks.
THE filter system for central systems that supply complete production lines.


Suction belt filter SAFI-C (endless belt)

The vacuum filter for the largest operating quantities in the endless belt version.
Due to the longevity of the endless belts, it is reliable and low in consumption of filter aids. Fineness of the endless belt of up to 40 µm is available. Due to its robust durability, it is used for central systems.
THE expert for central systems.