Chip conveyors / Chip carriage

Overview of the chip conveyors / chip carriage

Advantages of chip conveyors

Chips are reliably transported further, whether in the machine or in the machine hall. Labour productivity is increased and the risk of accidents is reduced.


Advantages of chip carriage

Easy and safe transport of the filtered chips to a central collection point.



Drag link conveyor KBF

The design of the drag link conveyor prevents chip nests from getting stuck in the transport system. This minimises the cleaning work and increases not only productivity but also safety.


Slat band conveyor SBF

POLO slat band conveyor is used to transport coiled, long chips (e.g. wool chips) resulting from the machining of e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium or from Teflon.


Chip carriage SW

POLO chip carriage are mobile and tiltable transport units for feeding removed chips to a central disposal point. Drip quantities are disposed of separately using a drain tap.