Consumable materials

Endless belt

The desire of many customers to implement sustainable filtration without the use of permanent consumables led to the development
of high-quality endless belt systems.

Our endless belts (Made in Germany) are durable and long-lasting.

Your advantages

Cleaning of the endless belts takes place in two stages:

  • Mechanical cleaning by means of a rotating brush
  • Rinse with clean medium

This cleaning process allows the endless belt to be used repeatedly for filtration. Depending on the load (mechanical, chemical, thermal), long service lives are possible.

Bivalent system

Our continuous belt filters are all designed as bivalent systems, with the consequence that each filter can also be operated immediately with fleece.

This creates additional operational safety.

Technik_Icon_Gruen_GluehbirneUpon request, we offer our customers the storage of their endless belts by individual arrangement.

This creates additional operational safety.