Vacuum filter / Negative-pressure filter

Inclined bed filter vacuum SBV

The POLO inclined bed filter SBV cleans many different liquids fully automatically.
The well-known advantages of the POLO SB series have been completely incorporated here and expanded by vacuum technology. This combines the compact design with a high throughput capacity.

Their advantages

  • Vacuum filter for low volume flows
  • Correct separation of dirt/clean side
  • Low fleece usage
  • Compact design

Short info

  • Compressed dirt cake, dry, stab-proof
  • 2 different sizes
  • Suitable for extremely thin fleeces
  • Steel and stainless steel version available

Increased volume throughput

The SBV is equipped with an exhauster, which creates a negative pressure in the clean chamber. This significantly increases the flow rate; the filter cake builds up higher and serves as an additional “filter layer”, which increases the degree of purity of the filtration.


The unit consists of a steel or stainless steel welded housing with drive and deflection shaft. The endless transport chain carrying the filter fleece forms an extremely deep filter trough. Advance is ensured by means of a gear motor. An exhauster for generating the negative pressure and a discharge pump are mounted and tubed on and/or at the filter. The control functions, triggered by float switches, are carried out by an external or integrated electrical control box. The standard version is made of steel. A medium contact version in stainless steel materials is also available.


The dirty liquid flows into the dirt chamber of the filter through an inlet distributor that avoids turbulence. The exhauster draws air and thus liquid through the fleece into the clean chamber of the filter, thus creating a negative pressure. This negative pressure increases the flow rate, allows the filter cake to build up higher and, as air is drawn through this filter cake, produces a dry stab-proof discharge. The higher-building filter cake provides a high-quality filter layer that improves the degree of purity.

The filter discharge pump directs the cleaned liquid into a clean tank. At a maximum level in the dirt chamber, a fleece pre-stroke is triggered. At the same time, the used fleece is conveyed into the dirt container and a fresh fleece is drawn in. The filtering process does not have to be interrupted for this operation; no buffer tank is necessary.

Due to the short fleece pre-strokes, only a very small part of the filter surface is renewed, so that the built-up filter cake remains largely intact as a “precoat” thus increasing the filter fineness.

A hose seal, resistant to all commercially available cooling lubricants, reliably isolates the dirt chamber from the clean side.
A fleece shortage switch signals that the fleece roll needs to be replaced.


  • Emergency overflow channel
  • Dirt box
  • Fleece separating device that substantially separates the filter cake from the fleece and winds up the fleece
  • Can be converted to an endless belt filter at a later date

Precise sealing

Lightweight fleece usable

Made in Germany

Variety of materials

Process safety

Picture gallery

Data sheet

Standard sizesSBV-B1.4SBV-B1.9
Mounting dimesion L x W1450 x 11101950 x 1110
Height 15501550
Weight approx. (kg)10001100
Dirt chamber content approx. (litres) 400650
Vacuum chamber content approx. (litres)140230
Flow rate max. (l/min) emulsions*700950
Flow rate max. (l/min) oils*350475
Connected load (kW)3,883,88
Supply voltage 3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz

*Definition of flow rate: Emulsions and aqueous media approx. 1 mm²/sec at 20 °C and oils up to 15 mm²/sec at 20 °C.
The maximum flow rate of the filter is indicated; depending on the machining process and the degree of contamination, the flow rate may be lower.

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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