Consumable materials

Filter aids such as fleeces and endless belts

POLO Filter-Technik not only supplies filter systems, but also the associated filter aids such as filter fleeces and endless belts.
POLO filter fleeces are available from stock in a wide range of qualities and dimensions, and can be delivered within 24 hours upon request.
Therefore, increased production reliability is guaranteed. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding on-call orders.


Your potential problem:

  • Increased fleece usage
  • Insufficient filtration result
  • Process change

Our experienced team at POLO Filter-Technik recommends the most effective fleece or endless belt, depending on the filtration process.

Our tried and tested filtration principle

Fleece filters are a tried and tested filtration medium. They are highly flexible because the fleeces can be changed quickly and straightforwardly, which permits ready alteration of the filtration fineness. One further advantage is the cost effectiveness of fleeces compared with an investment in endless-belt filters.


The waste product (i.e. the used filter-fleece) can be recycled to generate thermal energy. Contact your local
waste-disposal service provider for further information.

Filter aids – filter fleece and endless belts


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