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Inclined bed filter SBP

The POLO inclined bed filter SBP is characterised by a compact design that is particularly space-saving. The well-known advantages of the POLO SB series have been completely retained here. The compact filter has been developed especially for low flow rate. A real all-rounder for supplying stand-alone machines.

Their advantages

  • Small installation dimensions
  • Well-tried seal technology
  • Space-saving
  • Lateral inflow

Short info

  • Compact filter
  • Drying inclination
  • Perfect sealing

Wide range of fleece

thus optimised adaptation to the operating conditions. The inlet distributor prevents turbulence. A clean tank must be placed underneath the filter. The purified liquid is usually returned by a pump.

Less fleece required

The POLO inclined bed filter SBP operates with an endless transport chain that carries the filter fleece in a way that is gentle on the material. An extremely deep filter trough is formed, resulting in a high liquid level. This decisively limits the consumption of fleece. The filtering process is safe and efficient.


The drive and deflection shafts are mounted in a frame. An endless metal belt is passed around these shafts as a carrier for the auxiliary fleece. The webbing forms a deep trough so that hydrostatic pressure is built up over the fleece.


The liquid is fed to the filter without pressure by means of the inlet distributor, flows through the fleece and, when cleaned, reaches a clean tank below through the outlet.

The shape of the filter bed allows a high liquid level. This increases the throughput and makes the best possible use of the fleece. The dirt particles are deposited on the fleece and reduce the flow more and more.

These dirt particles (filter cake) represent an additional, high-quality filter layer and thus improve the filter result. The level rises on the dirt side of the filter. At a preset level, there is a belt cycle (approx. 50 mm long).

The filter process is not interrupted during continued cycling, an additional buffer tank is not necessary! The built-up filter cake is a valuable filter aid and significantly improves the degree of purity.

Due to the short belt cycles, only a very small part of the filter surface is renewed, so that the essential part of the liquid flows through this “flushing medium” and thus increases the filter fineness.

A hose seal, resistant to all commercially available cooling lubricants, reliably isolates the dirt chamber from the clean side.

A fleece shortage switch (option) gives a signal that the fleece roll needs to be replaced.


Energy efficiency

Precise sealing

Compact design

Made in Germany

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Data sheet

Standard sizesSBP-A0.2SBP-B1.1
Mounting dimesion L x W 480 x 5701000 x 1084
Length 6701375
Width 7401165
Height 640745
Weight approx. (kg) 50220
Volume approx. (litres) 25230
Flow rate max. (l/min) emulsion* 100550
Flow rate max. (l/min) oil* 50275
Connected load (kW)0,090,18
Supply voltage 3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz

*Definition of flow rate: Emulsions and aqueous media approx. 1 mm²/sec at 20 °C and oils up to 15 mm²/sec at 20 °C.
The maximum flow rate of the filter is indicated; depending on the machining process and the degree of contamination, the flow rate may be lower.

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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