Magnetic filters

Magnetic filter MAF

The POLO magnetic filter cleans cooling lubricants, mainly oils and emulsions, of machine tools fully automatically. MAFs can be integrated into systems as pre-filters or installed as individual filters. They operate without filter aids, such as filter fleece. This makes these units very low-maintenance and easy to install. In the standard version, the magnetic roller is rotated permanently, but an interval control can also be provided upon request.

Their advantages

  • Without filter aids
  • Low maintenance
  • High filter fineness
  • Easy retrofit

Short info

  • Strong magnetic fields
  • 15 different sizes
  • Steel and stainless steel version available
  • Low energy consumption

Magnetic roller

The dirty medium is guided past the strong magnetic roller and flows out downwards. This filter principle is also used to reduce the load on a heavily loaded belt filter. Therefore, this magnetic filter is mounted on the belt filter as a “pre-filter”. The system can also work independently.


The magnetic filter operates without filter aids. The general principle is that the medium is passed by magnets. Magnetism creates forces that catch and hold all magnetic parts. Due to the construction of a “filter beard”, non-magnetic particles (e.g. corundum) are also captured and filtered out.
This type of filtration is very effective and involves low running costs. However, it is not possible to specify a defined filter fineness, as the medium is not passed through a predetermined fixed mesh.


The impure liquid is guided to the filter unit in a flow-favourable manner and must flow through the filter-effective, strong magnetic fields between the pole discs. The ferritic particles are attracted by the magnets and form an increasingly dense filter cake in which non-magnetic particles, e.g. grinding wheel abrasion, are also captured. The impurities are wiped off the discs by a scraper plate and fed into the dirt container. Upon request, an additional sludge feed system can be added, which is recommended for very small particles and oil.


Energy efficiency

Made in Germany

No consumables

Low maintenance

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Data sheet

Standard sizesMAF-0050MAF-0100MAF-0150MAF-0200MAF-0250MAF-0300MAF-0350MAF-0400MAF-0450MAF-0500MAF-0650MAF-0750MAF-0850MAF-1100MAF-1400
Mounting dimesion L x W162 x 350261 x 350360 x 350459 x 350558 x 350657 x350756 x 350855 x 350954 x 3501053 x 350824 x 650922 x 6501069 x 6501314 x 6501657 x650
Height 275275275275275275275175275275405405405405405
Flange L x H--85 x 20085 x 20085 x 37085 x 37085 x 37085 x 37085 x 37085 x 370120 x 400120 x 600120 x 600120 x 600120 x 1000
InletR 2"R 2 1/2"R 2 1/2"R 2 1/2"R 3"R 3"R 3"R 3"R 3"R 3"----
Weight approx. (kg)25354555687889100111122210235270320390
Flow rate max. (l/min) emulsions*5511016522027533038544049555066077088011001400
Connected load (kW / A)0,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,12 / 0,520,18 / 0,670,18 / 0,670,18 / 0,670,18 / 0,670,18 / 0,67
Supply voltage 3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V 50 Hz

*The actual flow rate must be adapted to the operating conditions.
The maximum flow rate of the filter is indicated; depending on the machining process and the degree of contamination, the flow rate may be lower.

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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