Lifting station

Lifting station PPS

The POLO lifting stations are necessary aids to convey dirty liquids with a chip content into a filter system. The special design (tangential inflow) ensures that the medium containing chips is fed directly to the pump suction which minimises chip deposits in the lifting station.

Their advantages

  • Conveys dirty cooling lubricant to the filter
  • Robust design
  • Overflow protection due to high tank wall

Short info

  • Space-saving construction
  • No residual dirt due to special design
  • Optimised mode of action due to tangential inlet

Our solution for your problem

We adapt our lifting stations to your needs, so that the tank size and pump can be selected individually. Integrated POLO float switches detect the liquid level. The special design of the lifting station ensures that the dirt particles are fed directly to the pump suction side. Deposits are avoided almost.



Tangential inflow minimises potential deposits.


Compact design

Made in Germany

Process safety

Low maintenance

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